Zodiac: What's Your Sign?

Zodiac: What's Your Sign? (2023)

On the verge of being broke, a sock shop owner enters a vlog contest where she has to date twelve men with different zodiac signs and prove that love compatibility based on zodiac sign is just a myth. After the contest is done, will she discover that the myth is in fact true, or would she break it and find Mr. Right?

  • Release Date: 2023-03-09
  • Runtime: 1h 37min
  • Director: Dinna Jasanti

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  • Enzy Storia


  • Gandhi Fernando

    Agi, the Leo

  • Junior Liem

    Rio, the Scorpio

  • Karina Nadila


  • J Ryan Karsten

    Raka, the Ophiuchus

  • Derby Romero

    Tim, the Capricorn

  • Dwi Andhika

    Tommy, the Aries

  • Fero Walandouw

    Iwa, the Pisces

  • Ganindra Bimo

    Adam, the Cancer

  • Rangga Moela

    Dika, the Libra

  • Kevin Andrean

    John, the Virgo

  • Kevin Leonardo

    Darius, the Sagitarius

  • Febrian

    Ruli, the Taurus

  • Reza Restapop

    David, the Gemini

  • Elyzia Mulachela


  • Tamara Tyasmara


  • Denny Martin

    Pak Broto

  • Fahmi Bo

    Broto's Bodyguard

  • Angel Pakpahan


  • Wandahara