The Walker

The Walker (2007)

Everyone loves a good scandal

An escort who caters to Washington D.C.'s society ladies becomes involved in a murder case.

star 5.1 5.8 51 53%
  • Release Date: 2007-02-13
  • Runtime: 1h 48min
  • Director: Paul Schrader

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  • Woody Harrelson

    Carter Page III

  • Kristin Scott Thomas

    Lynn Lockner

  • Lauren Bacall

    Natalie Van Miter

  • Ned Beatty

    Jack Delorean

  • Moritz Bleibtreu

    Emek Yoglu

  • Lily Tomlin

    Abigail Delorean

  • Willem Dafoe

    Larry Lockner

  • Mary Beth Hurt

    Chrissie Morgan

  • William Hope

    Mungo Tenant

  • Steven Hartley

  • Geff Francis

  • Garrick Hagon

  • Patricia DiZebba


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