Empire of Danger

Empire of Danger (2004)

A newly designed spacecraft capable of going through time is sent to Mars to rescue a crew previously lost on Mars. The ship is sent through the past but to the wrong time, years later than the first crew. Once they land on Mars, the crew finds that it is a place where Bararians rule. The leader of the Barbarians is a female battle warrior named Giza that wants their ship to use as her own chariot through time where she hopes to steal the ancient power of the Masha. With that power, she will gain complete control of the Siperion Empire. - Empire of Danger is the sequel to the movie "Lost on Mars"

star 5.1 6.0
  • Release Date: 2004-12-22
  • Runtime: 1h 31min
  • Director: Eric Shook

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  • Cindy Tozer


  • Eric Shook


  • Tatum Green

    Kendra Cassidy

  • Traci Alms

    Rachael Stewart

  • Samantha Shook

    Sara Kennedy

  • Stephanie Hunsicker


  • Caleb Howald

    Kurt Bolin

  • Jayson Johnson


  • Darkeith Lofton


  • Adam Kennedy


  • Steve Rankin

    Doctor Donovan

  • Beverly Rankin

    Director of the space program

  • Roger Anderson

    General of the Space Command

  • Mike Davis

    Alex Quinn

  • Heather Myers


  • Lester Fornshell

    Tribal warrior 1

  • Brenda Alexander

    Space command officer

  • Mike Morrison

    Tribal warrior 2

  • Randy Miller

    Tribal warrior 3

  • Andrea Melton

    Reporter 2

  • Mellissa Schutzbach

    Tribal leader

  • Lisa Love

    Reporter 1

  • Justin Roley

    Captured slave

  • Derek Alms

    Tribal boy


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