Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale

Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-Day Tale (2007)

Eric is a man shrouded in mystery. Throughout the land, he is known as "the Beast" for his bad temper and mean ways. When Belle is forced to work for him, she tries not to be intimidated and resolves to look deeper. She discovers the truth and becomes the one person who can make a difference in Eric's life and help him rediscover the faith and love he lost years ago. A touching story of forgiveness, change and love, this classic fairytale comes to life in modern times to capture your heart!

star 6.9 5.8
  • Release Date: 2007-03-16
  • Runtime: 1h 31min
  • Directors: B.J. Alexander, Brian Brough.

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  • Summer Naomi Smart

    Belle Watson

  • Matthew Reese

    Eric Landry

  • Matthew Bellows


  • Lindsay Bird


  • Deborah Ellis

    Mrs. Haygood

  • Dan Larsen


  • Caitlin E.J. Meyer

    Kelli Watson

  • Isaiah Fiso

    Mike Watson

  • Leilani Marshall


  • Bryan C. Robinson

    Principal Daniels

  • Sonja Nelson

    School Administrator

  • Scott Fish

    Kyle Kincaid

  • Scott Cowdrey

    David Bonds

  • Shielia Erickson

    Diane Bonds

  • Ashley Morgan


  • Gwen Maw

    Narrator (voice)

  • Trackell Davis

    Sarah Landry

  • Scott Wiscombe

    Brent Yielding

  • Brian Brough


  • Brittany Wiscombe

    Peterson Repair Receptionist

  • Alex Westwood

    Restaurant Patron

  • Adam Abram

    Restaurant Patron

  • Patricia Hortin

    Restaurant Patron

  • Eileen Dowling

    Restaurant Patron

  • Richard Heftel

    Restaurant Patron

  • Lilia Heftel

    Restaurant Patron

  • Meredith Grover

    Restaurant Patron

  • Martin Grover

    Restaurant Patron

  • Anna Vee Thompson

    Restaurant Patron

  • Farrell K. Thompson

    Restaurant Patron

  • Loren Lambert

    Restaurant Patron

  • Denae Lambert

    Restaurant Patron

  • John Montrose

    Restaurant Patron

  • Francie Montrose

    Restaurant Patron

  • Barb Hehl

    Restaurant Patron

  • Chelsea Hayden

    Restaurant Patron

  • Jake Frandsen

    Restaurant Patron

  • Jonathan Ogden

    School Student

  • Katie Wiscombe

    School Student

  • Erica Rawley

    Orthodontic Patient

  • Jessica Nelson

    Orthodontic Patient

  • Garrick Poulson

    Orthodontic Patient

  • Jennifer Brough

    Orthodontic Patient


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