Picture the Steal

Picture the Steal (2018)

A Break-In to the Art World!

Rip and Seb are college students from very different backgrounds. Rip is from a working class family and has had to fight for everything he has. Seb is from an upper class background and has been surrounded by privilege his entire life until now. Both Rip and Seb wish to go to university. Unfortunately, neither can afford to go. Despite their differences, an unlikely friendship forms between the two and they plan to burgle a house to raise money. However, everything changes when they realise the house they are trying to steal from is owned by a gangster.

  • Release Date: 2018-05-26
  • Runtime: 0h 36min
  • Director: Evan Preston

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  • Connor Mulkeirins

    Rip Blake

  • Luke L. Frost

    Seb Worthington

  • Poppy Hill


  • Tony Bradley


  • Tracey Cox

    Rip's Mother

  • Stuart McKay

    The Gangster

  • Hannah-May Coull

    Walking Girl

  • Jay Philips

    Boxing Opponent

  • Steve Walker


  • Ben Brown

    Scrawny kid

  • Ethan Cassidy


  • Harry Rick

    The Dispatcher

  • Evan Preston



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